Aussiedoodle contract

We at Wiggle Butt Ranch are a pair of small hobby breeders with dual locations, in Olympia, Wa and our farm site in Spokane, Wa. While we do our very best to provide healthy, quality dogs we are not licensed veterinarians. Our pups are raised in the home and kept away from parasites and diseases to the best of our abilities. All other pets in our homes are vetted regularly and are up to date on vaccinations and parasite control medications. The pups will come with first set of shots and de-worming per our veterinarians recommended schedule. We closely control the environment the pups are exposed to while in our care, but cannot do so once they have been adopted. Once picking up your pup you will have 3 business days to have the puppy seen by your vet and evaluated. If the vet determines within the 3 day window that the puppy is ill or has any defects you may return the puppy for a full refund of purchase price (Minus delivery/trasportation fees if applicable).

You agree to a vet check within 3 business days:


We care very much about all of our dogs and would love pictures and updates to be sent to our facebook page. We strongly believe that a dog is a family member for life. But if for any reason you find that you cannot keep your dog please return it to us for rehoming or contact us for help with a new forever placement. We do not want any of our dogs surrendered to shelters or the humane society.

You agree to never surrender this puppy to a shelter or humane society:


You are aware that Aussiedoodles are a designer breed and do not come with registration or the promise of future registration with any breed club.


I have reviewed all paperwork related to my puppy and its sire and dam and am satisfied that Wiggle Butt Ranch has been open and honest about my puppies’ health and genetic background. I understand that this is a living animal subject to its care and environment and hold Wiggle Butt Ranch blameless in future veterinary care/cost of upkeep.

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